Sekura Global would like to say a huge well done to everyone who took part in our BoxGrip Challenge at RILA in NOLA last month!

We had a great time officiating the Challenge, and were glad to see so many fantastic attempts with our patented Self-Retracting BoxGrip – with applications and removals so quick, you had to see them to believe it.

The winners of the inaugural BoxGrip Challenges are recorded below alongside their winning times – this should give you an idea of what you’ll be up against if you enter at NRF Washington D.C. this June, and hope to walk away with some great prizes too.

BoxGrip Challenge Winners – Day 1:

  • Third Prize was taken by Olivier Julien of TJX Canada, at 18.29 seconds
  • Second Prize was awarded to Martin Theriault from TJX Canada, with a time of 17.43 seconds
  • First Prize was won by Russell Parrott of TJX Canada, setting the record with a lightning fast time of 12.79!

BoxGrip Challenge Winners – Day 2:

  • Third Prize was picked up by Steve Boarman of Macy’s, with a very respectable 13.65 seconds for application and removal
  • Second Prize secured by Brian Thompson of Agaci Store, ahead by a breath-taking 23 milliseconds, with 13.42 seconds on the clock
  • First Prize went to Joe Coll of Macy’s, who set a new world record for fastest application and removal (shaving 8 milliseconds off the record from day one) in just 12.71 seconds!

If you missed us at RILA, you can still take part in the BoxGrip Challenge at NRF in Washington D.C. – June 27-28, at Booth 1301 – where we’ll have more great prizes up for grabs each day. Want to find out more about the BoxGrip Challenge and see what it’s all about? Watch the video below to get a better idea…