Meet some of the front-line members of the Sekura Global Team here:

Roxanne Christenson – National Sales Manager – NAM

“I’m excited about the opportunity to work with a passionate group of people to chart new business while helping retailers and brands evolve their business in this fast-paced business environment.”

Roxanne has an extensive background in retail sales and expertise in cultivating strong relationships with large retail accounts for long-term incremental business growth. More recently, she secured the first RFID automated inventory pilot with Macy’s, which is still ongoing.

Cheryl LeBar – Customer Service/Supply Chain Manager – NAM

Our customers are the ones who drive me to provide the best overall customer service experience possible.”

Cheryl oversees both customer service and our supply chain for our customers in the US, Canada, and Mexico. She goes above and beyond to ensure our customers are satisfied in her responsibility of forecasting loss prevention product needs for our customers, ensuring desired product is in production for future needs.

Cheryl manages our North American customer service department by making sure our clients are happy, and all Loss Prevention product needs are met and supplied on time.

Edward Price – Sales Manager – UK/EU

Having the opportunity to support retailers on a global scale is what really motivates me. I enjoy discussing the positive impact of our solutions with our expanding network of retailers in the UK and EU.”

As Business Development Manager for Sekura Team EU, Edward works with the largest retailers in each region to develop new business on a corporate level. With a passion for customer service, Edward has been successful in securing great, new opportunities and has been awarded for his natural ability to build good, longstanding relationships with our clients.

Edward values close collaboration with clients, always offering a consultative approach when making sure our clients receive the best security solutions and services in the market.

Denver Napthine – Business Development Manager – UK/EU

“It’s very motivating to be part of a truly collaborative and supportive team. Being able to offer such innovative solutions to our partners, knowing that they are designed with added value in mind, is another great part of my job.”

Denver joined the Sekura Global team in 2017, and is working to expand our global network of trusted channel partners. He is committed to providing all the support our partners need to be successful, whilst promoting our unique range of solutions.

Denver received an Above & Beyond Award in 2018, after being nominated by his peers, in recognition for all the great work he does building and strengthening relationships with our channel partners around the world.

Alistair Bush – Global Projects Leader – UK/EU

I’m proud to be part of a company where excellent teamwork and a collective focus on successful achievements is the backbone of our organisation, creating great staff culture and positive customer relations.

As our avid Global Projects Leader, Alistair is involved with everything from client engagement, to pre-installation surveys, pilot store trials and roll-outs. Alistair primarily focuses on the domestic UK and EU Team areas, but he has also been actively involved in the expansion of our global portfolio, leading recent projects in the US, Canada, and Australia.

When Alistair took on his EU Team role seven years ago, the advent of Sekura’s involvement within retail RFID created a whole new dimension across a wide range of retailers. Inseparably at the front edge of EAS innovation, Alistair is committed to working hard and continue his close involvement with clients to ensure success on all fronts.

Tom Napthine – Global Product Manager – UK/EU/NAM

It’s extremely motivating to see the positive results of our continuous innovation – our Loss Prevention Solutions work!

When Tom joined Sekura’s EU Team in 2015, he quickly grew from sales into his position as Sekura Global’s Product Manager. Tom is responsible for overseeing product development from concept stage to launch and covers all aspects of product development, such as design, prototyping, liaising with suppliers, and managing in house sample testing.

Tom was heavily involved in the development of the Sekura SlideTag and the Sekura Boxgrip SR – both of which have been shortlisted for Fraud Awards in the UK, US and Australia in 2017/18, with the SlideTag winning “Highly Commended – Best Newcomer” at Australia 2018.

Stuart Barley – Accounts & Admin Department – UK/EU

It is rewarding to contribute to the success of Sekura as a whole. My increased involvement with Sekura on a global level encourages me to work to the best of my ability and reach both personal and business goals.”

Approaching his ten-year anniversary, Stuart has always been a valuable member of the Accounts & Admin Department for Sekura Team EU. He received an Above & Beyond Award in 2017 for his personal commitments to the successful management of our US accounts and credit control.

Stuart is also our main point of contact for all French clients, always happy to take on multiple roles when necessary. Outside his accounts, credit control, admin, and SAP updates responsibilities, Stuart also manages the TJX portal and provides service support when requested.

Lucy Munn – Global Procurement Manager – UK/EU/NAM

“It’s highly motivating to always feel included in a vital team – together we are successful at fulfilling the needs of our Sekura customers.”

Lucy’s role as our Global Procurement Manager is instrumental in helping us ensure our goods are shipped on time so that our customers can protect their products and prevent loss. Lucy manages the purchasing of products in collaboration with the Sales Team to ensure we always have the key products in stock and maintain our ever-growing portfolio of satisfied customers.

Since she started with us early 2016, Lucy has already been awarded four Above & Beyond Awards for her devotion to procurement, as well as the Director’s Award at our 2019 Global Summit. Her day-to-day efforts to fulfill international product requirements are integral to making our global logistics a success.

Sheena Marks – Customer Service Manager – UK/EU

Being part of a great team where everyone is keen on helping each other achieve success, and maintain positive client relations, is what motivates me daily to deliver the best customer service.”

As our Customer Service Manager, Sheena is the primary point of contact when it comes to customer queries and enquiries. Sheena manages the invoicing of orders and responds to all customer enquiries for Sekura Global in the UK and EU.

Sheena has received a number of Above & Beyond Awards during her time with Sekura Global, and is vital in ensuring we deliver the best customer service to our global network of clients. She always makes certain all sales processes are monitored and managed, and that orders are released on time.

To find out more about our great range of loss prevention products, get in touch with our team using the “Contact Us” page on this website.