Sekura Global has been searching for a way to eliminate the risk of pin-related injury to customers and store colleagues for some time, since two of the company’s largest retail clients in the UK decided not to use pin tags in children’s wear. After a great deal of R&D, we have launched The Sekura SlideTag™ to solve this ongoing issue.

Most LP professionals in the retail sector will already be familiar with the injury risks of standard pin tagging. Risks posed both to staff – during application/removal – and to customers, when pins are overlooked at the checkout or not stored correctly. Though the exact impact of this type of injury is difficult to quantify with readily available statistics, the concerns of retailers are still entirely justified. The SlideTag solves all of these issues at once.

One pin injury involving a baby made the British national news in recent years, with the headline: “Mother’s fury after 19-month-old son is left with agonizing cut while trying on…trousers which still had sharp security pin attached” (Daily Mail, Feb 2014). Another case, reported by a personal injury solicitor, tells of a man being awarded compensation for “a puncture wound to his foot” after stepping on an improperly stored pin tag.

Headlines like this lead to an increased perception of risk among members of the public, with the damage inflicted on a brand extending well beyond the initial incident. Perceived concerns about liability in personal injury claims have also led some retailers to reject security tagging for high risk items altogether.

The team at Sekura Global believes that forgoing security tagging may prove a false economy when the increased impact of retail shrink is taken into account. The development of the latest SlideTag innovation is the product of collaboration with safety conscious retailers from all around the world, helping retailers fulfill their duty of care to the people in their stores without compromising their LP strategies.

Chris Napthine, Director of Sekura Global and inventor of the SlideTag, says: “As a one piece solution it’s impossible to leave a pin behind after removal. The concealed retractable pin is coupled with a fixed-position locking mechanism, preventing any danger of injury occurring.

“An added benefit of the SlideTag is that it is considerably quicker to apply and remove, compared to existing pin tags. This means that retailers can save time and save loss, while keeping staff and customers safe.”

Independent testing shows that it takes an average of just 6.94 seconds to apply/remove the SlideTag. Compared to an average of 15.32 seconds to apply/remove standard pencil tags (with magnetic detacher compatibility), the SlideTag is 82% faster to apply and remove.

To showcase the benefits of this remarkable innovation, the SlideTag Challenge was launched at Retail Risk London in the UK, as well as at RILA Orlando in the US, showing how speedy and safe the SlideTag is to use. You can also be in with the chance to win some fantastic prizes when you enter the SlideTag Challenge on the Sekura Booth (#1033) at NRF Protect in Dallas Texas. If you haven’t already registered for the event, on June 12 and 13 at the Gaylord Texan – you can register for your free Retailer Expo Pass here now and get 20% off a Full Conference Pass with the Sekura invitation code: 2848.