The patented BoxGrip SR and the patent-pending SlideTag, by Sekura Global, have both been shortlisted for the Retail Knowledge 2018 North American Fraud Awards.

The BoxGrip SR™ is shortlisted for the “Most Innovative In-store Solution”, which recognizes “innovative approaches to an existing, tried and tested solution or genre.”

Patented by Sekura Global in the United States, Europe and Australia, the flagship BoxGrip SR is designed to save time and reduce labor costs when compared to standard wrap tags. In independent testing the BoxGrip SR outperformed standard solutions dramatically, saving 59.5% in application and removal time, with the difference in seconds translating to millions of dollars in savings for retailers every year.

At both RILA and NRF Protect conferences in 2017, the BoxGrip SR became the centerpiece of the Sekura Global booths – inviting attendees to take the “BoxGrip Challenge”, competing for great prizes with the fastest application/removal times achieved. From four days of competition, and dozens of entries, the current world record for the BoxGrip Challenge stands at just 10.14 seconds for complete application and removal – held by Ricardo Tijerina from the Hudson Bay Company.

The SlideTag™ is up for the “Best Newcomer” category, which recognizes “the most exciting new vendor or solution to enter the retail risk and loss prevention arena, supplying any part of the risk and loss prevention industry.”

The patent-pending SlideTag is a revolutionary development in security tagging solutions. Chris Napthine, Director of Operations at Sekura Global and SlideTag inventor, said: “The safety-conscious design eliminates a number of Health & Safety risks, commonly associated with standard pin tagging – a particular benefit for items like Children’s Wear, where the onus of care is more significant – while also making application and removal extremely quick and easy.

“We developed this bespoke solution specifically to meet the challenges of safety-conscious retailers, who are concerned about protecting staff and customers from harm in their stores. The design features a completely concealed pin, eliminating any risk of pin injury completely, with a needle-fine tip to minimize any damage to fabrics.”

Ergonomically designed to facilitate rapid attachment and removal, the SlideTag can save retailers time and money on the shop floor. The SlideTag is also available with a transparent housing for its retractable pin mechanism, so colleagues can apply the solution with greater precision when needed. It is ideal for source/DC or in-store tagging, and is now available with a wider mouth for tagging thicker fabrics or seams. The DuaLoc version of the SlideTag is also available now for retailers using both magnetic and mechanical detachers in their stores, or for those in the process of transferring from one to the other.

Following up from the success of the previous RILA and NRF conference challenge, Sekura Global will be launching the SlideTag Challenge on booth #309 at RILA 2018 – April 29 to May 2, Gaylord Palms Orlando FL. Use code EXAP2018 to get a discount on your passes, then come and take the SlideTag Challenge for yourself for a chance to win more fantastic prizes!

The Retail Knowledge North American Fraud Awards are decided by an expert panel of judges – comprising Retail LP, Risk and Security, experts from across North America – and are held annually by the Retail Risk Conference Series. Both the BoxGrip SR and Slide Tag were also shortlisted in the 2017 UK Fraud Awards, in the same categories. Tickets for Retail Risk conferences are free to retailers, and the series hosts events all around the world – join Sekura Global on booth #5 at the Dallas Retail Risk show on Thursday May 17th 2018 at the Hilton Anatole Dallas, then stay for the Awards Ceremony afterwards.