The MoveAlert System

The MoveAlert System is an innovative customer service and Loss Prevention solution that allows for open display while keeping associates alerted to product movement.

This wireless solution triggers alerts to your associates through pager (or other handheld devices), headset or PA system, reducing theft, improving product availability and increasing sales through customer service activity.

MoveAlert IR Sensor

The IR Sensor projects an Infra Red curtain across your merchandise from above, alerting whenever the detection field is entered. The IR Sensor is compatible with the MoveAlert Pager. The IR Sensor can be mounted on the underside of a shelf to protect the items stocked below. The IR Sensor is designed for low-weight high theft items, such as cosmetics or small electronics.


MoveAlert Mat

A programmable wireless mat that sits on existing shelving, which will immediately alert you to a shelf sweep.  Available in various sizes as standard, with options for custom sizing, to fit your needs. The Mat can be connected to the Pager, triggering a notification that floor staff to respond to. The MoveAlert Mat can also be used to trigger audio-visual cues, showing automated customer service messages.

MoveAlert Tags

The Motion Tilt Tag can be secured to a horizontal hinged lid or door – such as chest freezers containing expensive meats. The Contact is used on cabinet doors, sliding doors and display cases to show when a door is opened. The Motion Fixed can be applied directly to display merchandise, to indicate when it is being handled. Motion Lanyard Tags can be hung from demo merchandise to aide customer service, as well as to provide enhanced security for LP colleagues working on the shop floor. The Motion Lanyard Tag can also be printed with a “Tap for Assistance” message, letting customers know that they can get help from a staff member simply by tapping the tag.

MoveAlert Pager

The Pager can connect to all the other components in the MoveAlert System. The Pager will beep and vibrate when a connected device is triggered, displaying a notification of your choice. Once triggered, notifications on the Pager must be acknowledged to silence. This ensures compliance, and promotes greater vigilance from floor team members.

MoveAlert Hub

The Hub of the MoveAlert System communicates with all the connected devices in your store. It allows alerts to be passed from Tags, Mats and IR Sensors, to the Pager. Also available is the Hub+, which uses cloud-based technology to connect the system together.

Download the MoveAlert System spec-sheet here

You can download the specification sheet for the MoveAlert System here.

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