Sekura Global brought together all their international team members for the company’s first ever global summit – kicking off 2018 in style at Colchester Football Stadium, in the UK.

Team Sekura US joined Team Sekura UK/EU, to share progress and plans for the year to come. Day one of the Global Summit gave the Team members the chance to introduce themselves in person, with many colleagues having only met previously by webcam.

After the 2018 kick-off meeting concluded, a prize giving ceremony was held to recognise the achievements of Team Members – including two People’s Choice Awards, selected by secret ballot, and one Directors’ Choice Award.

The first People’s Choice Awards was presented to UK Team Leader, National Account Manager, Lee Goody. The next one went to Sekura US Team Leader, Global VP of Sales, Carina Lewis. The Directors’ Choice Award went to Team Sekura US member, Customer Support Specialist for NAM, Cheryl LeBar.

Following the Awards ceremony, the combined Teams took to the pitch at Colchester Stadium for a group photo, before heading off to a local bowling alley for some well-earned R&R!

Over the following two days, the summit continued with a number of inter-Team training sessions, allowing colleagues from all sides of the business to share expertise and enhance one another’s understanding of the services and solutions offered internationally. Partner providers from all over the world also joined the teams, in person or via teleconference, to share insights and innovations with the combined Sekura Teams.

Sekura would like to thank all of our Team members for helping make our first Global Summit such a fantastic success, and huge thanks also go to all our partner providers who gave us their valuable time.