The patent-pending SlideTag™ is a revolutionary development in security tagging solutions for the safety-conscious retailer. The unique design incorporates a fixed magnetic clutch and self-retracting pin mechanism, allowing the pin to be guided into the clutch with precision and safety – giving a smooth and speedy application first time, every time. In recent independent tests, the SlideTag was shown to be 82% quicker to apply/remove compared to standard pencil tags.

The Sekura SlideTag is a safer solution, both for your customers and your staff

Not only is the one-piece SlideTag much quicker to apply than standard pin tag solutions, it is also much safer too – it completely eliminates the risk of sharps injury occurring, protecting both your staff and your merchandise from harm. Because the solution is completely self contained, it also removes any choking hazard risk that can occur when pins are left behind in items like children’s clothing.

Ergonomically designed, to facilitate rapid application and removal, the SlideTag aperture has a gently contoured lip for smoother fitting on fabric up to 3.5mm thick. Available with a transparent housing for the retractable pin, allowing store colleagues to attach with even greater precision when required. The wider mouth SlideTag Extra is also available now – with apertures of 4.6mm – for use on apparel with extra thick fabric.

The SlideTag is compatible with Hyperlock and/or Superlock detachers, which let the spring-loaded pins slide out of thinner fabrics with ease – and thicker fabrics with a gentle push to release. The DuaLock SlideTag is compatible with both magnetic and mechanical detachers, making it ideal for stores using both types or those that are transitioning from one to the other. Because the SlideTag is available in both AM and RF technologies, this solution will fit seamlessly with whatever EAS systems you already have in place.


  • One-piece solution
  • EAS functionality
  • Rapid application
  • Neat and compact design
  • Available in AM or RF technology
  • Concealed, spring-loaded, smooth pin
  • Extra now available with Ink deterrent
  • Aperture of 3.5mm (.14″) or 4.6mm (.18″) with Extra model
  • Compatible with Hyperlock and/or Superlock magnetic detachers
  • DuaLock version compatible with both magnetic and mechanical detachers

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