Sekura EAS Labels

Electronic Article Security Labels are a cost effective, discreet and customisable solution making them an attractive choice for security for many retailers.  Sekura supplies EAS labels compatible with both AM 58 KHz and RF 8.2 MHz systems.  Labels are disposable, can be applied at source or in store and are disarmed at the cash desk using a deactivator to minimising labour time.  They can also be printed with a customer logo for brand identity and traceability.

AM Labels

Sekura SK AM Labels are compatible with all AM 58 KHz security systems.  Their narrow form factor allows them to be used for smaller items of merchandise such as cosmetics or entertainment products.  These labels have a high tack adhesive and can be supplied in a variety of colours either plain or printed with a dummy barcode, Security Protected or a customer logo.  AM labels can also be supplied in a non-adhesive format with a pointed tip known as a pierce tag.  This can be used to pierce the shrink wrap of a boxed item to conceal the security tag within the box.  The AM Micro Label is 30% smaller and can be used where there is very limited space to apply product protection.


  • Easily applied from sheets by hand
  • Self-Adhesive for all types of surfaces
  • Deactivatable at the till point
  • Triggers AM 58 KHz system alarm if not deactivated
  • Dimensions 44 x 11 x 2mm
  • Micro Label 44 x 7 x 2mm

Supplied in cartons of 5000
Also available in a roll format

RF Labels

RF labels have a flat form factor and can be produced in a range of different sizes and shapes including circular, square or rectangular.  They can be produce with a transparent coating, plain white, or with a dummy barcode or a custom print including the option for full colour.  Narrow RF labels are available for items such as cosmetics.  Due to their lower profile RF labels can also be embedded discreetly into a swing ticket or label attached to the product to minimise visual impact.


  • Easily applied from rolls by hand
  • Self-Adhesive for all types of surfaces
  • Deactivatable at the till point
  • Triggers RF 8.2 MHz system alarm if not deactivated

Supplied in a roll format

Wrap Labels

Wraps labels are created by overlaying the RF or AM security label with a transparent adhesive wrap which allows it to be used to seal one or more openings of the carton or packaging around an item of merchandise.  The wrap can be produced with a warning print over the security label to conceal it and can be produced in a customised shape if required.

Supplied in a roll format

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