The Sekura Range

If you are looking for help reducing shrink in your stores, then we want to hear from you. We partner with retailers around the world to ensure you get access to the solutions you need, wherever you are and regardless of how many stores you operate. Our comprehensive range of security solutions covers everything. Use the links below to explore some of our flagship solutions, and get in touch with us now to see how Sekura Global can help enhance your Loss Prevention strategy.

The BoxGrip SR™ (Self-Retracting)BoxGrip SR

One of our greatest innovations in the field of wrap solutions for boxed items. The patented BoxGrip SR can help you save 59.5% of time during application and removal, when compared to standard wraps, making it the ideal solution if you want to save loss and save time on the shop floor… Read more

The Eyewear Tag™Eyewear Tag

Probably the most secure one-piece solution for protecting your eyewear merchandise on the market, the Eyewear Tag is exclusive to Sekura Global. The patented torque mechanism grips tightly to your glasses or sunglasses, without damaging them, and its compact design preserves the look of your displays…Read more

The SlideTag™Slide Tag

The patent-pending SlideTag™ is a revolutionary development in security tagging solutions for the safety-conscious retailer. The unique design incorporates a fixed magnetic clutch and self-retracting pin mechanism, allowing the pin to be guided into the clutch with precision and safety… Read more

The Mini PackTag™

The Mini PackTag makes securing your blister-packed merchandise simple and easy. This one-piece EAS solution is ideal for protecting your hanging merchandise. The retractable pin has a blunt tip for safety, and the ergonomic design has been developed for fast and easy application…. Read more

Mini Koala Tag by SekuraThe Mini Koala Tag™

Made to keep your wines & spirits safe from thieves, with benefit denial functionality built-in, the Koala Tag is easy to apply on the shop-floor and won’t interfere with your display. With compact design and one-handed operation, the Koala Tag can help you sell more and lose less alcohol… Read more

LynxLoc Mini ThumbThe Mini LynxLoc™

The Mini LynxLoc™ is available with 1, 2 or 3-Alarm functionality. It’s an effective solution for garment and accessory protection. The Mini LynxLoc™ 3 alarm will activate if the cable is cut, alarm the EAS system and emit an audible tone themselves if it passes through the barriers… Read more

Sekura EAS Labels

Electronic Article Security Labels are a cost effective, discreet and customisable solution making them an attractive choice for security for many retailers. Sekura supplies EAS labels compatible with both AM 58 KHz and RF 8.2 MHz systems. Labels are disposable, can be applied at… Read more

ShrinkWrap SleeveThe ShrinkWrap Sleeve™

Ideal for protecting cosmetics, as well as other difficult to tag merchandise, the ShrinkWrap Sleeve is another Sekura innovation. Available in AM, RF and RFID, the ShrinkWrap Sleeve is compatible with whatever EAS technology you prefer. Can be applied in-house, at source or at your DC… Read more

DuaLock Design TagThe DuaLock Tag™

The DuaLock Tag can be detached with either a magnetic or mechanical detacher, making it the ideal solution for retailers who are looking to transition from one technology to the other. Whether you use magnetic or mechanical detachers in your stores, or both, the DuaLock Tag is ideal… Read more

Sekura North America Specification Sheets

You can download and print the US & Canada Specification Sheets for our solutions here. If there is anything you need to know that is not featured on these sheets, we hope you will get in touch so we can get you what you need… Find out more

Sekura - Spec Sheet Button - 300x300Sekura UK/EU Specification Sheets

Download and print the Specification Sheets for our UK/EU solutions here. We strive to provide all the technical information you require when choosing the solution that’s right for you, and hope these sheets will help… Find out more

Sekura Solutions

We specialise in bespoke security systems, pedestals and security tags, offering every brand the optimum combination of safety, reliability and discretion when it comes to minimising retail theft and stock loss. Our Sekura AM and Sekura RF security systems have been installed at top retailers across the UK and Europe, forming a key part of retail strategy for many leading brands. You can choose from a range of attractive pedestals, including special variants for wide doors and the Sekura Loop, which provides ultra-discreet security and protection for your stock, without pedestals.

Sekura Global Innovation

If you can’t find the solution that’s right for you, or if the solution doesn’t yet exist, we always strive to invest in research and innovation whenever we can. Contact us to find out more about what Sekura Global can do for your business.

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