Manage inventory effortlessly

The new Sekura SmartScan™ is a handheld RFID reader with an integrated smartphone. It offers excellent performance, with a large touch screen and rugged build. The lightweight and ergonomic design makes it suitable for warehousing and retail applications. Its contemporary look and intuitive user interface ensures that your staff will quickly understand how to use it.

Visual inventory

SCloud can make a visual inventory, including a product description and images of the read items, which can be shown on the screen to ensure correct identification and expedite picking. This allows the user to easily verify which products have been identified, accelerating processes and reducing errors. SmartScan™ can be used for encoding RFID tags on its own, or in multiples when used in conjunction with an RFID printer.

SmartScan™ handheld RFID reader 

This ground-breaking new cloud-based RFID reader incorporates the SCOUT™ for Inventory RFID encoding software, SCloud – accessed through an Android-based smartphone and enabling direct upload of inventory data to the cloud. The reader obtains the inventory of products in a space with a highly reliable read-rate (typically above 98%) and uploads the data as required. It’s plug-and-play, WiFi enabled, and it is not dependent on a local computer in order to function fully.

Sekura SmartScan

SCOUT® for inventory with SmartScan™ SCOUT for inventory

The SCOUT® RFID system powers the SmartScan™ handheld RFID reader, and can help you improve the following processes:

  • Goods in – verify that received products are correct against an ASN (Advance Shipping Notice)
  • Inventory – perform rapid and accurate inventory daily (or even hourly) and upload instantly
  • Discrepancies – differences between the RFID inventory and the stock in the IT system
  • Returns – items to send back to the distribution centre or to another store
  • Pick list – items to take from the backroom to the sales floor.

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  • Robust design
  • Ergonomic casing
  • Wireless communication
  • Superior data capture capability
  • Supports up to 6 meters reading range
  • Smartphone display provides high visibility
  • Suitable for long shift duration without recharging.

Key features:

  • Increased product availability
  • Reduce out-of-stock incidence occurrence
  • Plug-and-play – no need for an external computer
  • Monitor shrinkage in real-time and act to reduce it
  • Very easy to use – only 3 clicks to take inventory and upload.

How to use it:

  1. Open the “SCloud” app on your SmartScan™ device
  2. Click “Create new inventory” or select an unfinished inventory to update
  3. Wave the SmartScan™ near the item and a “beep” will sound as tags are read
  4. The reader downloads product images/descriptions for display automatically 
  5. When reading is finished, simply upload the data to the cloud by clicking “upload”.

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