Our business, is protecting yours

We pride ourselves on delivering industry standard RFID solutions for retail companies from across the globe. The Sekura Global range of retail security solutions cover all technologies and formats, with RFID innovations designed around the needs of our customers. No matter what your requirements, we always strive to find the solution that fits your business. Our industry-leading RFID security solutions offer you both peace of mind, and the resources required to help manage your business effectively. They will ensure that you have the tools you need to reduce retail theft and shrinkage, as well as giving you better control of your stock.

RFID has become a cornerstone in the Sekura Global mission to be the world’s most innovative security tagging provider. The Sekura Global Technical Team have created the most advanced application interface controller software, SCOUT® RFID.

SCOUT® RFID is the critical link between data capture, ERP, EPOS and stock control software. We provide a full end-to-end solution for RFID and our unique security tagging systems can be found in hundreds of stores across Europe.

The SCOUT® RFID solution is easy to install, with no floor cutting required, can be used with either pedestals or overhead systems, and combines both stock control and security into a single unified system.

We would welcome the opportunity to provide a free trial in one of your stores. We’re eager to prove the benefits of this exciting new technology, and to show how you can target professional thieves to stop retail theft and stock loss in its tracks. Find out more about SCOUT RFID here.


scout-smartscan-thumbnail-for-webUsing the SCOUT® for Inventory RFID encoding software, the ground-breaking SmartScan™ handheld RFID reader can revolutionise the way you control and monitor your stock.

The cloud-based platform, SCloud, can be accessed through an Android-based smartphone – enabling direct upload of your inventory data to the cloud.

The SmartScan™ reader obtains your inventory with a highly reliable read-rate (typically over 98%), and uploads the data to your secure business cloud.

The SmartScan™ RFID reader is completely plug-and-play, working with WiFi to eliminate any need to route access via a local computer.

You can improve a number of business processes with the Sekura Global handheld SmartScan™ reader, including: goods-in, inventory, pick listing, discrepancy identification and returns. Find out more about SCOUT for Inventory here.


The Sekura Global range of EAS systems would be today’s largest in terms of the technologies, frequencies, formats and doorway types.

With our choice of stylish and visible pedestals, and discreet concealed solutions, we have never been beaten yet in terms of finding the right solution.

If you are already using tags in your stores, why not give Sekura Global the opportunity to give you a cost effective alternative?

We operate a network of field based technicians across the globe. For international retailers, we are able to provide consistency of expertise and technical excellence regardless of the quantity and location of stores.

Our normal guaranteed call out response time is 48 hours.

Complex security solutions, made simple.

Sekura Global has access to the world’s most comprehensive range of solutions in retail security, making us the perfect one-stop source for retailers of all kinds – no matter how diverse your merchandise may be. Are you looking for a specific security solution to a particular product area where you are suffering stock loss and shrinkage? Then look no further. At Sekura Global we actively invest in innovation; we know that new security products are a key area in our client relationship program, so we always aim to innovate and help you stay at the cutting edge of loss prevention.