A new frontier in the battle against retail theft

PinPoint® is the next generation of loss prevention technology, designed to outsmart even the most experienced criminals.

It is a tag-based product positioning system that uses ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to target theft risk and increase sales.

PinPoint® tags look similar to existing security tags, and are attached in the same way. But unlike other tags, PinPoint® connects to a store-based cloud system to report an item’s exact location in real-time. And crucially, PinPoint® tags cannot be removed or shielded without instantly sounding the alarm and alerting staff via the app.

This means staff can make any necessary intervention discreetly and without the need for confrontation.

Target theft

PinPoint® reduces theft risk in two ways. By tracking items in-store in real-time, it enables store staff to make proactive interventions before a theft occurs.

It also builds up a picture of theft risk over time so loss prevention professionals can adapt accordingly. For example, it can help identify blind spots by tracking the most common paths stolen items are taken through the store.

Maximise sales

PinPoint® is not just for loss prevention. It can also be used to manage in-store customer service more effectively.

The PinPoint® instant alerts can tell staff when customers are reviewing high-value or complex items so they can offer assistance to complete the sale. Over the long-term, the insights from the PinPoint® system can map where sales are being missed if customers aren’t being offered help quickly enough.

How it works

  • Sekura Global installs the PinPoint® system in your store, which includes UWB beacons and a customised app.
  • PinPoint® smart tags are attached to products in the same way that other alarming lanyard and pin tags from Sekura would attach.
  • PinPoint® tracks the precise, real-time location of every tagged product in the store.
    1. If someone carrying a tagged product enters a designated Alert Zone, staff members receive an instant alert via the app,. giving its exact location.
    2. Similarly, if a PinPoint® tag is removed without authorisation – either with a magnet, the lanyard is cut, or if the tag’s signal is blocked – its alarm sounds and an alert is issued.
  • In either scenario, the alerted staff can move quickly to intercept and prevent a possible theft.
  • Importantly, they can do this discreetly and without escalation.

PinPoint® vs other EAS systems

Extreme accuracy

Precise locations to within 10cm, compared to metres for Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS systems.


PinPoint® tags will issue alerts and self-alarm if they are cut, shielded or removed in unauthorised zones.


Unlike Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS, PinPoint® is not susceptible to signal confusion, interference or obstructions.


System costs can be as low as one third of other EAS systems, despite being the next generation of retail technology.

Low latency

Far outperforms other EAS systems to deliver instant real-time in-store intelligence.

Wide range

Each UWB beacon covers 8x the range of an RFID receiver, and up to twice the range of Bluetooth and WiFi.

Smart-store ready

‘Smart’ UWB tags send data at up to 27Mbps, compared with ‘dumb’ RFID tags that cannot share data.

System flexibility

Can replace existing EAS systems or work alongside them e.g. standard alarm tags.

Add PinPoint® to your arsenal

PinPoint® is the technology leap forward retailers have been looking for. Contact us today to discuss how PinPoint® could help you.

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