SteryBot® is helping retailers get back to business.

SteryBot® is an autonomous robot that uses hospital-grade UVC light to sterilise premises during closing hours. It kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, including coronaviruses, to create Covid-safe retail environments.


  • Concentrated UVC light sterilises retail spaces
  • Kills 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses (including coronaviruses)
  • Disinfects a 25m2 area in 10 minutes
  • Stainless steel housing with antimicrobial coating to stop germinal carryover
  • Fully autonomous navigation and charging
  • No system installation required
  • Remote activation and programming via smartphone or tablet
  • Unlike handheld UV light solutions, does not expose staff to harmful rays

The use of UVC light has long been proven in medical environments that require the strictest standards of sterilisation. UVC light belongs to the short-wave light spectrum and concentrates a high amount of energy to destroy the biological structures of germs.

SteryBot® combines this technology with autonomous robotics to deliver an essential safety solution for the retail sector.

Proper disinfection of stores has become critical to retailers. Traditional, manual disinfection methods are simply too unreliable and present potential infection risk to staff. That’s why Sekura Global has introduced SteryBot®. Our fully automated disinfection solution ensures an entirely reproducible process that delivers consistent dosage and coverage – without the need for human supervision or the risk of human error.

SteryBot® has been developed by service robot pioneers MetraLabs. Using specially developed navigation software, sensors and 3D-image processing technology, SteryBot® computes the optimal path through your store. It has an autonomous, self-driving system that uses concentrated UV-C rays to eliminate potential sources of infection.

SteryBot® offers both manual and automatic operating modes. In manual operation, the robot can be started and programmed via an app on a mobile device. Or, in automatic operation, SteryBot® completes its tasks completely unsupervised before returning to its charging station. In both operating modes, all activities of the SteryBot® can be tracked and reported.

SteryBot® helps retailers reassure customers that their stores are safe shopping environments.

As the world adjusts to the ‘new normal’ post-Covid-19, retailers are also making changes to ensure their premises are safe for customers and staff. Having robust social distancing and sanitisation procedures in place are central to reassuring customers and getting the industry getting moving again.

We understand you need to show customers how your stores are being made Covid-safe. That’s why each SteryBot® can be individually branded for promotional purposes – and so you can give some personality to the latest public-facing members of your team.

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