The innovative DuaLock Tag™, by Sekura, can be released with both mechanical and magnetic detachers. This makes the DuaLock Tag™ ideal for clients who are currently moving away from mechanical to magnetic detachers, or vice versa, as well as those who use a combination of technologies in their stores.

The DuaLock Tag™ is available in AM, RF, or RFID technologies – with combined technologies also available upon request. The DuaLock Tag™ is one of the most versatile tags available, and has been designed to fit seamlessly into your business needs.

The DuaLock Tag™ is compatible with all standard smooth or grooved pins, and is available as an all-in-one lanyard tag – this makes it ideal for footwear and accessories.


• Unique dual lock functionality
• Powerful AM ferrite
• Attractive, compact design
• Colour can be tailored to your specification
• Also available with a built in lanyard
• Also available as RFID or with Dual Technology

Two types of locking mechanism:

• Mechanical detacher
• Magnetic detacher


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