Complex security solutions, made simple.

We specialise in bespoke security systems, pedestals and security tags, offering every brand the optimum combination of safety, reliability and discretion when it comes to minimising retail theft and stock loss. Our Sekura AM and Sekura RF security systems have been installed at top retailers across the UK and Europe, forming a key part of retail strategy for many leading brands. You can choose from a range of attractive pedestals, including special variants for wide doors and the Sekura Loop, which provides ultra-discreet security and protection for your stock, without pedestals.

We carry a broad range of shop security tags and labels to suit a wide range of product applications, all in stock for next-day delivery, along with reliable, hard-wearing detachers and deactivators for your pay points. Our unique LynxLoc self-alarming security tags offer unrivalled security for high-value items, giving an audible alarm when they are removed or when their cables are cut. You can add your own custom branding to security tags of all types. We also offer a comprehensive range of other security products, including ink tags and pins, lanyards, buckles and packtags.

Sekura Global Sundries

In addition to our ranges of security tags, CCTV and safes, we also offer a wide range of security sundries: Counterfeit money detector pens for easy, cost-effective protection from forgery UV money detectors for rapid and effective counterfeit detection Dummy CCTV cameras for enhanced theft deterrence at low cost Personal alarms to keep your staff safe at work Security mirrors to improve visibility and surveillance in store Visitor chimes to alert you when customers enter.

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